Monday, February 16, 2015

A slight change of plans

So because of last week's post, I've moved this stuff here. Just link over there and follow if you enjoy my adventures!

Monday, February 9, 2015

New Feb Goals

New goals, just like the old goals.

Go to bed earlier and try to get more sleep.

Make a Dr. appointment for myself and one for Andromeda because she needs some shots and before I take her in I need to get her immunization record together blargh.

Take more showers. It's been like once a week lately. I'm like the opposite of Superman, here, so I'll start with trying to make it twice a week. The opposite of Superman...? Unexceptional Woman? That cracks me up. I'm going to rename this blog "The Adventures of Unexceptional Woman!"

Today on the Adventures of Unexceptional Woman, Pheeb attempts to improve her life through self-care! Watch her fail to meditate because her posture is bad, or at least she's convinced it is! See her take a shower, wow, everybody else does that, too! Now she's eating a whole bag of cookies! Wow! Everything can stop.....Unexceptional Woman!!!!

I'm laughing so hard at my own joke right now I'm going to pass out.

Drink more water!

Take more walks!

Keep trying to meditate! It's hilarious! Pheeb can't stop yawning!

Of to bed, now, peepls. I'll be back next week if not sooner.